Friday, 7 January 2011

Friday morning

What a day it was yesterday. It was raining when I left for school and I don't think it stopped all day. No outside playtimes, lunchtime and, of course, no games lesson. I don't know who was closer to boiling point by the end of the day, me or the children, bless them, but it wasn't nice to be stuck in, especially so soon after the holidays. It did try to snow at one point in the afternoon, but the most it could manage was sleet, so we didn't even have that consolation!

I took the car yesterday and by the evening I was glad I had, close as the school is. I've discovered another advantage to walking - I don't go past Morrisons! After a hard day, it's just so easy to 'pop in' for 'something nice' because 'I deserve it after today'! False reasoning all the way down the line, but such very seductive thinking when one is tired and fed up. I managed to fight it and win yesterday but so often I don't! The forecast is not particularly encouraging today either - I'll see how I feel about walking when it's time to leave.

Today is my SEN day. It will be lovely to see A again after the break and I know the children will be glad to see her too. I also have to break the sad news to my class that on Fridays they will not get their playtimes as they are timetabled for gymnastics at that time. Poor little sausages!! Last term it was their term for swimming so the gymnastics didn't happen. For the rest of the year it's gym.

Well, everything seems to be ready. The work is prepared, the planning is all it should be. I have time to plan next week's meals now, so it's all ready for tomorrow and shopping. Better go and get started on it!

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