Thursday, 27 January 2011

Thursday evening

Oh, boy, it was cold in games this morning. With my extra insulation I don't normally feel the cold but it was a bit much today. Trying to snow too, just a few very fine bits of white stuff, not enough for the children to notice (thank goodness).
However, MoE more than made up for the cold. It went great and managed to last the whole day and at the end the Pig (aka Karen) turned up to see what they had planned and they just went with the flow like seasoned Mantlers!

For Creativity Club, I decided to do paper plate masks and they did brilliantly with some super creations. They worked jolly hard on them too! I shall repeat the activity with the other half of the children who wanted to attend, after half term - it's nice to know you've got something that really works

And now, after swimming (where I met an ex-pupil and had a good natter with her mum in the hot spa) I'm again worn out and ready for sleepy-byes.
'Night, everyone!

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