Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday morning

I managed to stay awake until just before eleven and slept until just before eight. NINE hours' sleep! Incredible!! When I woke, it looked very white through the curtain and my first thought was 'snow' but no, no snow thank goodness, just a heavy frost overnight.

At last, at long, long last, the birds have noticed that there's a food supply in the garden. The filled peanut feeder has been hanging in the garden for weeks and weeks to no avail but suddenly it's been discovered and the level is going down rapidly. I must go out and top it up this morning, before they come and find it empty - that would never do.

As I got a fair bit done yesterday, today will be a gentle day, I think. The biggie is the decorations. It's sad to take them down but the time has come as the walrus said . . .
Also there's a bit more ironing to do and the carpets need a dyson, but I expect that today I will have time to start enjoying the new food mags as well as going through the Rosemary Conley one again and noting all the recipes I might like to try. There's so many of them!!
Oh - just thought. We have an Infant staff meeting tomorrow. I need to plan the agenda for that too.
And DD and DG come to tea today.

So a gentle day, more or less just pottering about. Nice.

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