Saturday, 1 January 2011

Saturday: F M C

Around this time last year, inspired by Maggie's Nigel Slater challenge, I started my F M C - Food Magazine Challenge. The idea was that once a week I would try a new recipe found in a food magazine, e.g., Delicious, Olive, BBC Good Food, etc.

It was going great guns until I decided that I needed to get the old eating habits in hand and started using BodyChef, followed by my own version of the same. After that, the FMC died a sudden death, sadly but inevitably.

I was having a little think about what else I could do, similar but helpful. It may sounds daft, but I think that once a week is too much, given that I prefer to make larger amounts and freeze single portions. It saves time in the longer term and makes better use of electricity, etc, but by its very nature, cuts down on the amount of cooking I need to do from week to week.

There does seem to be a great awareness of the need to eat healthily in food mags and in other resources right now, certainly there are a lot of what I would call 'more healthy' recipes around. By that, I suppose I mean recipes that I feel OK about cooking and eating/freezing, that are not too expensive, that don't use unusual and hard-to-get ingredients, that fit into my lifestyle and timescales.

So, here's my foody challenge. At least once a month I will try a new recipe. It can be from anywhere - internet, book, magazine - but it must be one I've not made before. And I want it to be 'healthy' - not too much fat content, for a start - and reasonably economical. This doesn't seem too restrictive and works with what I want to achieve in other areas of my life.

So here's to the NRC - New Recipe Challenge - in 2011. The goulash doesn't count - that was last year!

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