Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday evening and a link to a great recipe

I made just about the most delicious loaf of soda bread I've ever made this afternoon. It is the recipe that was on Baking Made Easy a couple of weeks ago and it's scrummy. Here's the link:

The only thing I did extra was this: I'm sure I remember that she had some water in the oven to keep the baking environment steamy, so I did the same - actually she tossed some ice cubes into a baking tray at the bottom, I think, but I just poured in some boiling water. It's not mentioned on the recipe.

It made a huge loaf - DD, DG and I had half of it for tea and the other half is in two quarters now and in the freezer. DD was supposed to take one chunk home with her but she left it behind.

Definitely I will be making this again, starting in a fortnight when the family again descends on Chelmsford for a family lunch. I might make it a bread, ham and cheese buffet this time! A sort of posh ploughman's. Soda bread, 'artisan' oaty bread, cheesy scones - mmmmmm, it does sound good and not too tricky either.

EDIT: I wuz rong! The ice cubes/steam thingy was for the Grant loaf (another wonderful bread to add to my list for the buffet) but it worked so very well I will continue to do it when I make soda bread.

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