Thursday, 20 January 2011

Thursday evening

. . . and I notice I am on 7,777 views. Nice one!

The weather cheered up and the day was fine. We got out for games and the sun shone. This afternoon we had what I thought was a jolly successful science investigation. It cheers me up no end when lessons go well - or when I think they go well!

After school, I had an appointment with my hearing aid chappie. I was supposed to go about three weeks ago but couldn't and this was the re-appointment. Some of my gentle readers may remember that just before Christmas I took possession of some new hearing aids. Getting used to them hasn't been entirely trouble free. They fit perfectly well and are jolly comfortable, the volume is loud enough but most of the time there was a vibration sort of effect on most vowels, both from others and also from my own speech. At first I thought it might be because they were new, my brain had to adjust, etc, but it got no better, and was actually interfering with me hearing what others were saying, it was so distracting, not to mention utterly distorting any singing/music - and one does a lot of singing as an infant teacher. So today the audiologist connected me up to the computer (well, the aids anyway, which were still in my ears) and made a few adjustments, after phoning the company who made the aids. The result was instantly miraculous - no now sound distortion. A huge relief for me. Now we will see how it goes in the classroom tomorrow. And it seems I have an 'unusual' hearing profile! I call it plain awkward myself! :0)

Then I went swimming. It was a jolly nice swim. The pool was pretty empty, just a few 'serious' swimmers splashing up and down and, with a costume that fitted properly, I was able to go for it a bit more and felt I had a good 30 minute workout. Afterwards, the hot spa really was hot - gorgeous.

So I do feel better this evening, thank goodness. It's a great relief.

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