Saturday, 15 January 2011

Saturday morning

I thought I'd be still asleep at this time, seeing as I went to bed uncharacteristically late last night but no, wide awake just after five seems to be the norm again now. It's rather annoying at weekends but a pretty good habit to have on school days, so no complaints, just a faint whinge!

Today will be busy. I MUST get the long delayed shopping done in town today, so that's the second job. The first, if I get my act together, is to go to Tescos and do the weekly shop before I go into town, which means arriving at Tesco just before eight really. I want to use Tesco because they have something I might buy. You see, I've taken to doing some step (just on and off, on and off) while watching telly and I feel that the Wii balance board just isn't quite high enough to make me feel I'm pushing myself. I trawled Google and saw that Tesco does a value one which is under £20 so I thought I'd get it and see how I get on. I really don't need a posh one, after all. So it's Tesco for the food shop this week and then into town!

The other thing I want to look out for is Seville oranges. Yes, it's that time of year again and I hear that they are appearing in the shops. I doubt I will have time to make in the next few months, so I will freeze them whole and wait until I have enough time to devote to the two day, gooey, sticky, wonderful process of turning those knobbly, unappetising looking fruits into gloriously golden marmalade. Wonderful!

I also want to make some burgers and meatballs from some of the mince I got from Morrisons earlier in the week. I froze two packs and the other must be dealt with today. Better go on a recipe hunt and get some flavour ideas!

And finally, I was trawling trough an older recipe book and found a recipe for 'Roasted rhubarb fool' which looked likely and healthy (all yogurt, no cream) so rhubarb is also on the list, just in case there's any in - Good Food mag assures its readers that there should be some available in January. We will see!!

Oh, and mustn't forget the washing/ironing/etc and that DG is staying overnight and all day tomorrow. Phew . . .

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