Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wednesday evening

. . . and it's been another very pleasant day, one way and another, despite the rain which hasn't stopped all day. However, my heroic colleagues took the children out for play anyway, earning our deep gratitude. It does make such a difference the the rest of the day. ICT was extremely peaceful as they all had headphones on, exploring a program called Talking Topics, to the extent that someone walked in and commented on how quiet it was.

Now I'm home, slowly getting sleepier and sleepier. I think it has to be a very early night tonight - maybe as early as half past eight. After all, if I have to drop off, I'd rather it was in bed where I have the change of carrying through all night, not upright on the sofa. I still have rubbish mags to 'read', so that should relax me pretty well!

I've just realised I forgot to put the bin 'out' this morning. The place where they will empty it is one and a half metres from the place where they will not - that short distance seems to make a huge difference! It's not even behind a gate or a fence either. Luckily, there wasn't much in there so another six days won't make too much difference. Must remember the green box on Friday though!

Photo: remember I said that I was looking for a pattern to crochet an egg cosy? Welll, this is it! It works too.

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