Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tuesday morning

Did I stay awake for those telly programmes last night? No, I didn't. By half way through Baking Made Easy my eyes kept closing, so I gave up the somewhat unequal battle and went to bed. It's not a problem, they will be repeated again and again and again and . . . I can always watch it on iPlayer!

Those new pillows were a dream and I slept extremely well, waking just once for a wander down the landing. Soft but very supportive. Good-oh!

Today it is PPA and coordinator time. As a result, we are leaving our supplies to start Mantle of the Expert (MoE) with our classes, which will be establishing the 'company' designing logo, 'mission statement', departments, etc, etc, etc, with a bit of role play thrown in for good measure - well, it's all drama one way or another, but some times more than others.
This afternoon the letter arrives . . .!

After school it's dance exercise so, whatever goes wrong with all this, I can dance and exercise it off! No swimming, of course, there isn't time for both.

Should be a good day.

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