Friday, 28 January 2011

Friday evening

Yes, it was a good day with no interruptions. I got a lot done, one way and another, although some things do seem to take so very long. It's stayed bitterly cold all day and, for once, it was cold inside school too. My fingers felt cold all day long, despite typing madly away for much of the time.

And now it's the weekend (again). It promises to be a lovely weekend with the Witches of Pickwick get together tomorrow evening (diet disaster but SUCH good fun) and DD and DG around on Sunday. I have to get the house sorted out, partly because I can't let my neighbours see the current mess and partly because I have a dear friend and her daughter coming to stay for three days next week. I'm so looking forward to seeing them again, you can't imagine how much! I want it to be all spick, span and cosy for them. I popped into Matalan before swimming again and got some more of those lovely pillows, so they will be 'christened' in the guest room next week! :0)

The other thing I intend to do is use up that dough that's been sitting in the fridge for a week. I wonder if it will work OK - it certainly looks OK and it smells healthily yeasty and bready. I'll get it out to warm up before I go swimming and food shopping early tomorrow morning and will do the shaping and so on when I get home. Fingers crossed!!

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