Thursday, 6 January 2011

Thursday morning

It's cold, wet and miserable out there this morning. On iGoogle it says there's a chance of snow today but it doesn't smell or 'feel' like snow, it's just wet! I suspect it will be a car-to-school day today.

Apart from that, it's amazing how quickly one gets back into routine again, isn't it? Register, phonics, assembly, playtime, etc, etc, punctuating the longer lessons/teaching times throughout the day. I hope the children feel that they have fallen back into it all as quickly and easily as I do.

I bought some reduced turkey mince the other day so I'm having a little think about what I can make with it. At the moment it's in the freezer, as it was on its last day (hence the price reduction), so I have time to think. At the moments, meatballs (turkey balls) seems the way to go. I have finished the meatballs made from the left over burgers from the summer barbecue so there's a gap there. I'll explore a little bit and see what I can find.

Must remember to put the bin out. For some reason, last week, my bin and next door's bin didn't get emptied, so it's been a bit tricky managing to find space for all this weeks rubbish. I have a full bin in the kitchen but can't empty it until there's some space. They'd better not miss me out this time . . .

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