Saturday, 1 January 2011

Saturday: banana ice cream and other stuff

It's so nice to feel more energetic again. I've had a good sort out of the fridge and it's now looking much more healthy and wholesome.

Some left over hummus has been put in little pots and frozen for lunches
Some cheese has been grated and put into little pots too - just 20gs worth which is plenty.
I sliced up the remains of the Christmas cake, wrapped it carefully in easy-leave and that's also in the freezer.
Then, just a short time ago, after a discussion in OUSA Food and Drink about using up soft bananas, I made some banana yogurt ice cream and that's also now in the freezer in little pots. It's scrummy and this is what I did.

I mashed up four over-ripe bananas and added to it some leftover double cream (about 60mls) and some low fat natural yogurt (Greek 'style', so quite thick). I added a splash of good vanilla essence and some maple syrup to taste. I then zizzed it round until it was more or less smooth with just a hint of texture. I churned it in the ice cream maker for about 35 mins until it was frozen (but still soft), then spooned it into little pots to go in the freezer.

You know, my old freezer would never have coped with all this influx of stuff!

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