Saturday, 29 January 2011

Saturday morning

So here we are at the start of another weekend. I do love the feeling when I wake up on Saturday morning and remember I don't have to get up! I do get up, of course, I'm not a lie-in-bed sort of person nowadays, but the important thing is that I don't *have* to! Of course, s*d's law dictates that because I wanted a good night's sleep (late night tonight) I tossed and turned, kept waking up and woke up bright and breezy at the usual time! Goodness knows why - a warm, comfy bed with clean bedding usually gives me a great sleep! Never mind, if I get all the chores done this morning I can have a snooze this afternoon.

I changed my mind about the bread - I will shape it, etc while it's still cold and then leave it to warm and rise gently while I'm out swimming and food shopping. When I get home I should be able to turn on the oven and pop it in to bake as soon as it's hot enough. I rather fancy making some soda bread tomorrow (for tea) so I must look out for buttermilk in Sainsbury's.

When I get home I need to set to and get the place into shape again for this evening. It's not awful, but it's messy and, of course, needs a good dust and sweep. I've just written 'flowers' on my shopping list. I don't usually but we've just been paid so I think I might treat myself to some. And perhaps I will be able to get the guest room ready too; then I won't have an awful lot to do tomorrow.

Better get going, I suppose. Make breakfast and unload the dishwasher . . .

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