Thursday, 13 January 2011

Thursday morning

I've just peeped out and, for the first time this week, it isn't raining. Also it feels quite mild because there's little or no wind. It HAS been raining thought, the ground is extremely wet, but perhaps I will get my walk to school today.
One thing I really used to have when I was a child was arriving at school with soaking wet feet and clothes and feeling damp and miserable all day, hence my avoidance of it now. Soft? Sure!!!

If the ground remains as wet as it is now, we're unlikely to want to take the children out for games today (the thought of 29 pairs of plimmies, some unnamed, steam drying on the radiator is not that appealing), but we have an alternative lined up. The hall appears to be free this morning, so L and I have arranged to take those times. There's a limit to what we can do indoors in the way of equipment, but it's a lot better than no games at all.

It's been a grand week so far - hopefully today will be just as good.

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