Thursday, 27 January 2011

Thursday morning

. . . and it's cold and dry outside. That's both bad and good because Thursday is outside games day, of course, and I'll have to keep them moving to keep them warm. I'm not sure bat and ball skills is going to keep them moving that much. I must remember to take my gloves and scarf this morning, or I will get colder than they will!

It's still MoE today. By the time I'd factored in all the other stuff yesterday, we only had about forty minutes of it yesterday. It must finish today because I'm not going to expect my SEN supply to pick it all up. Apart from anything else, I don't think she's ever had Mantle training. Yesterday was great. They were very excited by the letter from the wolf and set to in their teams with great gusto! Today is about making models and will be great!

After school it's my turn to do Creativity Club and I'm torn between pop up pictures and masks. Decisions, decisions!! They'd enjoy either, both need a little preparation . . . oh, I'll decide when I get to school!!!

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