Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Tuesday morning

A peep through the window shows me that it's absolutely miserable outside. Pouring with rain and it feels cold too. I try very hard not to torn the heating up first thing in the morning, but this morning it's so tempting. I am, however, resisting valiantly! :0)

I'm a bit naughty with the heating at times. It's so very easy to click it up a couple of degrees when it would be cheaper (and healthier for me and the environment) to get moving a bit more or put on another layer. Perhaps it's another resolution I didn't make - to be more sensible with the heating.

If you remember, I had a go at making turkey meatballs at the weekend. DD and DG arrived in the middle of the process and DG wanted to try them. They weren't ready to try so I suggested that he come over next Saturday and have dinner with me. It wasn't long before this turned into an invite to sleep here over Saturday and stay until after tea on Sunday, so that's next weekend nicely sorted. Great!! The meatballs themselves turned out a bit bland, although the sauce was great, but I doubt DG will mind all that much.

Today is PPA and coordinator time this morning and in class this afternoon. There's some nice planning for today so it should be good, especially after such a great day yesterday! I just hope the rain eases and they manage to get out to play.

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