Saturday, 15 January 2011

Saturday: early afternoon

Well, that was a full morning.

I decided to go into town first and then to Tesco so off I went. I got piles of stuff at Lakeland and when I said to the shop assistant that I was going to pay in three separate lots she smiled and said 'It's the £5 off vouchers, I suppose.' very patiently. I didn't buy too much extra not on the list though, which makes me a Very Good Lady because I was sorely tempted.

After I'd dropped that load back in the car, I ventured into the rest of town. I managed to get the hearing appointment sorted and I ventured into M&S to look at their 'fuller' range, which looked very nice but nothing that I couldn't do myself if I wanted to, and with carbs like potatoes, pasta and rice, which I'm trying to cut back on. The protein element was certainly very present though, which is good, and maybe I will treat myself one of these days.

We have a sort of 'gourmet' street market along the pedestrianised High Street. The fruit stall had Sevilles, so I got some, plus some sprouts that looked rather good and some large open mushrooms.
I then stopped at the pork stall. I managed to resist the specialist sausages, but I did get six slices of very good, very nice looking smoked bacon. Horrifically expensive, it was, but they are very thick so one will do for a breakfast.

But it was when I moved along to the next stall that my resistance almost crumbled. It's an artisan bread stall and oh, the variety, the flavours, the aromas . . . expensive, of course, but . . .
Well, I did manage to resist, but I have promised myself that I will treat myself at some point, maybe over half term. The loaves are dear but they are large and I would be able to freeze most of each loaf for other times.

Then off to Tesco and, would you believe it, no step. So I went to their Home Plus shop and - no step. By then I was getting frustrated, tired, hungry and - er, how can I put it - beginning to wish I had better pelvic floor muscles, so I went to Argos and got one there. I nobly resisted Hobbycraft, which really was the triumph of the morning, I reckon.

Now I'm home and, first things first, have had my lunch. One must get ones priorities right, after all. So now it's unpacking time which should be great fun.

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