Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Wednesday morning

Yesterday morning I was out of class and, my goodness, it was a busy time. First it was PPA with L and we got our Mantle work planned for next week, more or less. We also managed to tidy up the role play area, which was looking as if a bomb had hit it. The main problem was that all our new tables had arrived - all seventy whatever of them, and they had to be stacked in the hall, there being no-where else to put them. That meant no dance lesson and no assembly, so Faith and I had to put together about another hour's worth of lessons for her to deliver. Combined with that, imagine, if you can, the disruption cause by old tables disappearing out of one door of the bay and new tables coming in through the other entrance and you will understand that my colleagues in the Infants had rather a complicated morning. But we have our new tables - and my goodness they are lovely! The children love them and they lift the look of the classroom considerably. Fantastic!

I'm with my class for most of the day. Reading revelry, phonics, literacy, ICT, theme and story. I just have the other half an hour of PPA in the afternoon and that's devoted to marking and assessing their writing.
After school it's staff meeting - not too long, I hope.

So that's my day. It should be a good one - I hope yours is too.

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