Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Wednesday evening

. . . and I'm worn out. It's been a long day, topped off by a staff meeting that was not too long but a bit unexpected.

As I thought, it really was nice to see the children again and, given that they've been off for two and a half weeks, they worked quite well. Especially successful was the ICT lesson on starting to use WordArt which they all seemed to enjoy very much.

Wasn't it cold today? It was here, anyway. I was on afternoon play duty and we stood and shivered while the children rushed around us. Will it snow? I suppose it's doubtful as we rarely get much in the way of snowfall around here, but you never know. We've reminded the children that they can wear tracksuits in games tomorrow, weather permitting, of course.

And back home I've more or less kept to the eating plan today. It's proving harder to get back on track than I thought it would. The spirit is very willing but the flesh is weaker than it ought to be at the moment. I need some good will-power vibes so if you have any spare, please send them over in this direction, would you? Thanks!

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