Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wednesday morning

It's raining again!!! As soon as I sat this target for walking to school it starts raining in the mornings. Will it clear up by 7:30, I ask myself? Fingers crossed, comes the answer! Mind you, it's hard to complain when I think of the terrible time they are having the other side of the world. Rain is one thing and good for replenishing the water table, etc, but poor, poor Australia (parts of, anyway) is a different matter entirely.

I'm with my class nearly all day, which is very nice! ICT in the morning (another very nice) and library in the afternoon, which we all love. Should be a good day. And then a staff meeting which we in the infants have already held, so that's even better!!

OK, better go and Wii - I need to do my 15 minutes!

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