Friday, 14 January 2011

Friday evening

. . . and although I'm tired, it's a healthy tiredness, not the utter exhaustion of last Friday, thank goodness. I'm having a lazy evening doing not a lot apart from crocheting a hat in cherry red and two shades of brown - nice, warming colours for cold days. I think it will really look rather nice.

My social life seems to be looking up. Diet disaster but lots of fun. Next Friday the LSA team are taking Lara and me out for our Christmas present - a meal in an Italian place in town. At the end of the month us 'girls' in the cul-de-sac have decided we really ought to get to know each other better so we're going to start doing some stuff together, starting with an evening here with wine and a take away. A few days later I have a very good friend coming to stay for three days and not long after that I have the whole family, including American Sister in Law and Scottish Brother, descending on me for Saturday lunch and a good natter. The following Friday, just before half term, the Infant Team is hoping to go bowling together.

So in-between times I really do have to be very, very good! Loads of good control vibes needed, I think! If you have any spare, so send them this way! Thanks.

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