Wednesday 2 November 2022


 Good morning again, everyone.  Yesterday's blowing and blustering seems to have gone elsewhere and this morning looks still and clear although it's a bit early to really tell.

I hadn't checked the spam folder for about a week and, when I did, there were nine - NINE - comments inside.  Three were genuine spam and the others should now be where they should be, hopefully with my answers showing!  Sorry about that.

Yesterday wasn't nearly as busy as Monday.  I went to Groove and thoroughly enjoyed it.  New music, new routines and a lot of fun and laughing.  I'm definitely on the mend now, pretty much back to normal again apart from a lingering slight cough and residual weariness earlier in the evening than normal.  I can live with that!

Mind you - I was cross with myself when I discovered a mistake in the C2C blanket along one side.  Thankfully, the most you can do is two rows before discovering any errors but they are now long rows so grrrr to myself.  I don't think it is quite long enough yet to start turning the corner and shortening the rows again but I must take it upstairs and lay it on the bed to check.

I have a couple of other things on the make too.  Neither of them have a pattern and are basically built on rectangles.  One is a jumper using fisherman's rib and the other is something I saw at SW group, a crochet top using ripple stitch.  She didn't have a pattern (I asked) but we had a chat about it and it looks very doable.  The main think is that the yarn I am using was very cheapo and not that soft so it may very well just be an overthing, a top layer, not to be worn next to the skin.  If it works, I'll give it a good wash in that  delicates liquid and use some fabric conditioner and see if that helps. 
It's no big deal if it doesn't - I can unpick and use the yarn for something else.

Today was going to be a bit busier.  I was going into school to meet up with Heather, the clerk to the governors, to go over paperwork including my police check thingy.  I'd got all the paperwork ready, even found my old DBS certificate in case when she emailed to change the date (for very good reason) so it's Monday instead now.

The other thing is personal training this afternoon.  As always, I am looking forward to that.

So that is my day.  I might take a drive out to B&M and look round although there's nothing on my 'need to get' list right now.  It's be nice to look around though.

Take care, have a lovely day and stay happy!  xx


  1. I have the same problem with spam - only a couple of actual spam comments, but several genuine comments from regular readers. Why this should be happening I have no idea, but I do check my spam folder regularly now. Have a good day, Joy. xx

    1. It's very odd, isn't it? At least we know what to do. xx

  2. I think we've got your yesterday's weather here in Wales today - blowing a hoolie!
    I'm sat catching up with blogs while eating a large plateful of homemade cottage pie - comfort food.
    Alison in Wales x

    1. It's picked up rather since this morning - did you send it back this way? :-)
      I have cottage pie planned in at some point in the weekend. Lovely comfort food indeed. xx

  3. Your yesterday's weather is here! I had to abandon my walk today, it was too much of a struggle with the wind and now the rain has set in.

    Did you get to B&M? Hope you found some goodies if you did. xx

    1. No, I didn't - I was slow to get started and then it was World Ballet Day with the morning class with the Royal Ballet on YouTube and I always love watching that.
      Another day. :-)
      It's been very pleasant here despite some stronger gusts of wind at times. I'm sorry the weather interfered with your plans.

  4. I haven't had anything in spam for a while, but once when I checked it, I found some that should have posted. They didn't even show up in my email. I now check every day.

    God bless.

    1. It's a bit frustrating, isn't it, although, to be fair, they do seem to catch quite a lot of the spam nowadays too. Not all of it, but more than before. xx