Tuesday 22 November 2022


 Morning, one and all.  How are you today?  
Goodness, we had some rotten weather again yesterday.  It started mid morning and just poured and poured.  It was still raining when I got back from Iceland around five but not so hard, more just a drizzle.  Excellent for refilling those reservoirs, for sure.

I had an exciting delivery - my new Kindle Fire.  As some of you suggested, I did wait until Black Friday and it was a bit cheaper although I also got a detachable keyboard/case to go with it which upped the cost.  I was tempted by the bright pink one but it was a tenner more, so no!  Black it is.

The box arrived just as I was leaving for circuits so I had to be patient and not open it until later.  In fact, I didn't get going with it until early evening as I charged it up first. 

There were only two of us at circuits to start with and then H turned up half way through.  It was almost as good as a personal training session in the sense of individual attention and, again, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Later on, I went into town to the pre-opening thingy.  I got there early so had a nosey around HomeSense and I'm glad I did because there was a largish Spode Christmas Tree serving dish, high sided and calling out to me.
Iceland was loads bigger than the old store right in town but not really all that different.  Goodness, I'm not sure I have ever seen so much beige stuff under one roof before but some stuff looked really good and I might take a trip there just before Christmas for just a few nice bits and bobs - buffet type things.  I will have to be a Tuesday, of course.  Pensioner's discount.
I did buy a few of the SW ready meals to try and also some wild salmon, some beef stir fry strips and some vegetables, all very worthy to keep my conscience clear.

Then I came home and had a go at setting up Fire.  It has Alexa, something I've never used before so that should be fun.  The actual setting up was easy - it took me through step by step and it was a lot less stressful than I had expected so that's good.  I've got the Readly App now and it's a lot easier to use than the PC version. 
My Kindle books didn't download automatically but I looked it up and now I know.  I have to connect the Fire to my PC and then it's straightforward.
All in all, I am really pleased.

I've3 still got to connect the keyboard to it but I'll have a go at that today.  It is a Bluetooth thingy.

On to today and it's Groove first thing after which the day's my own.  I've had a lousy night's sleep so I expect there will be a few nodding off sessions through the day.  I have another cupboard to take a look at - I think this one will be harder - and a whole load of things to bin, recycle or take to the garage - it was just too darn wet yesterday so there's a lot of stuff piled up by the back door and on the dining table.
Finally, I want to defrost the upright freezer - it's getting very iced up!

So that's today for me.  Plenty to be getting on with, that's for sure.  
Have a good day, everyone.  xx


  1. It sounds like you are coping with the Kindle Fire very well. It's good that you managed to find some good purchases from the new Iceland, and Tuesday will always have to be the day to go.

    All our gadgets connect to each other with or without our consent sometimes don't they. I can be sat watching something on the tele and it flashes up that my xxxx (whatever) device has just connected. Alexa tells me when a delivery is about to arrive, turns my lamp on and off and generally chats to me more than Alan does some days ... it's like we are edging towards a more robotic age very quickly!

    1. I don't have anything like that - all my lights, etc, are of the older generation - a bit like me, I guess. In a way, it's a bit scary. xx

  2. Well done on setting up your Kindle Fire and hope you can get your kindle books to transfer on to it without too much of a struggle.

    Iceland do have some nice party foods at Christmas. I usually treat myself to a selection. Was it actually SW branded meals you bought or Iceland own brand? xx

    1. Yesterday it was the SW branded meals but I will be getting some own brand stuff later on. Some of it looked absolutely delicious.

      The Kindle thing really is simple, thankfully. I was a bit worries but it's been fine. xx

  3. I'm glad you were able to get the kindle set up. I love mine, though I really do enjoy a physical book too. It's lovely to have when travelling though. Enjoy!

    1. I always rather dread technology, like a lot of people, I suspect, but it 'talked' me through everything which was so reassuring.
      I tend to read when I am doing other stuff so a nice, flat reading surface is great. I love that it does other things as well as books and the little clip on keyboard/cover is so good. I'm glad I splashed out on it.

  4. I read your opening paragraph, and for a brief moment I thought I had missed you going on holiday! Then I remembered it is also the name of a store :)