Tuesday 26 April 2022


 Morning, everyone.  It's bright and sunny this morning with wall to wall blue skies, unlike yesterday which ended up hazy with even a bit of rain over lunchtime and the afternoon - nothing bad but I was at circuits and had left my washing - two loads of it - out on the line.  Fortunately, it came to nothing much.

After a morning spent sorting out a few cupboards, etc, circuits was great.  It's been nearly a fortnight since the last session with Lindsey and I wondered how it would go but no problems.  In fact, one of the tasks was jogging round the garden, something I would not have been able to do last year after injuring my calves and ankles - and it was absolutely fine, no problems.  Maybe I ought to rethink building a bit of jogging up and down and round the garden into my day now.
OK, so I'm a bit still right now but it's a good feeling, not an ouchy one.

Then it was on to the penultimate tuition session which went really well.  We talked about next week and decided I would look for something 'different' - Twinkl has what they call 'mysteries' where the student has to solve tasks to work out who dunnit.  That should do the trick.

I also did some ironing while the clothes were still a bit damp which makes it loads easier but you have it all hanging around airing afterwards - swings and roundabouts!  I was really pleased with how well my new dress washed.  It's cotton and I wondered if it would crease badly but it didn't, it just needed a light iron.  Excellent.

I got a card through the letterbox from a friend that made me smile a lot.

I'll go with that!

And another picture - the flowers from John and Gina have started opening out and are looking good although I need to rearrange them, I think.  It's on today's list!

So that was yesterday.

Today, being Tuesday, there's nothing official in the diary.  However, being Tuesday, there's lots of bits and bobs that need doing so I will be quite busy in a, unpressured way.  Just the sort of day I like, in fact, so no complaints from me!

Have a super day too.  Do you have any special plans?  xx


  1. Your flowers are beautiful.
    I remember doing several of those 'mysteries' with Lily during the first lockdown. X

  2. I love the card, so 21 again it is! The flowers are beautiful - I like fresh flowers in the house at this time of year.

    I know I'm being nosy but is that Dave or Alex in the photo yesterday? Feel free to ignore me if you'd prefer xx

    1. That was Alex. Dave is in his 40s now, poor son!
      I love fresh flowers too. I keep telling myself I ought to treat myself a bit more often. I'm finding the daffs from the shop don't last very long now. xx

  3. It's been so cold today that I lit the fire. It's roaring very nicely as I type. Fresh flowers are such a lovely treat aren't they. I tend to buy big bunches of carnations because they are cheap, colourful and last for ages.

    1. Carnations are so pretty.
      My heating keeps popping on. No complaints, it's nice to feel warm! xx