Thursday 28 April 2022


 Good morning!  It's another very dull start to the day and it feels cold, just like yesterday.  Beeb says the sun might come out and I just hope they're right!

I got plenty done yesterday.  First of all it was into town to sort something out with a bank.  Not my bank, it was the local branch of the bank that is 'affiliated' with the Bank of Scotland where the executor account should have been set up last month but hasn't.  I won't bore you with details but I signed something that seemed to have got lost between here and Scotland, somehow.  John only discovered this two days ago as we don't actually need this yet, not until; deposits are paid, etc.
So I had a polite mutter (yes, I really was polite) to a bank person who brought out the manager who phoned the relevant bank in Scotland and, after twenty minutes or so, came out to say it should be all sorted now.  I hope so - John is checking today!

Then I meandered around town for a while but wasn't terribly tempted by anything much.

I've made a decision about the gym.  My trial membership for Greenwoods will run out soon but I have decided not to renew it.  Greenwoods is lovely but I really haven't used it as much as I thought I might and the main reason for that is distance.  It's pretty much half an hour there and another half an hour back, given normal traffic, and that was putting me off going, especially with petrol prices the way they are.
So later on I went into the Nuffield Gym in town (ten minutes in normal traffic) and renewed my membership there instead.  Quite a lot closer, quite a lot cheaper and more facilities but no 'treatments' (nails, etc) and no recliners and certainly no posh meals!  
I'm sad because Greenwoods is lovely but if I'm not using it . .  . that was the point of the trial, to see if I would.

Then I popped into Matalan - as you do - and got some PJs, a nightie, a sweat shirt so pink you will be able to see me coming a mile away, a bra, a T shirt and an overshirt.  Then I went along to Home Bargains to get a jar of red peppers and a jar of red jalapenos (such good value there) and some more all in one shampoo and conditioning bars which I find so good and you really can't argue about 99p, can you?  I doubt I will ever go back to bottles of shampoo and conditioner now.

In the evening I really enjoyed the first of the Sewing Bee programmes.  As Eileen said in her comment yesterday, there are some very engaging characters, a couple of more irritating ones and some extremely talented sewers.  It's going to be good!

Today is social day.  The usual chat with Chris (my house this time) and lunch out with Val (a belated birthday thing).  When I get home from that, I have executor related paperwork to sort out.  Plenty to do today too!

Wishing you the very best day possible.  Stay safe and well and be happy.  xx


  1. Banks! They no longer seem to be there for their customers. I hope it is sorted now.
    Very chilly yesterday. My plants in the greenhouse have come to a halt in growing.
    Enjoy your day

    1. I do hope so. We're getting close to receiving a deposit on Dad's house and for that we need the Executor's Account (say the solicitors).
      It has to warm up again soon, doesn't it. Sooner rather than later.

  2. I hope the executor account has now been sorted out properly for you. What is it with banks not doing things properly?

    I like the sound of your haul from Matalan. I've never thought of shopping in Home Bargains for peppers, jalapenos and the like. I must have a good look at their selection next time I'm there. I'm looking for ways to cut my expenses, so many thanks.

    Hope you enjoy your time with Chris and with Val xx

    1. I find a lot of Home Bargains stuff is what I would call 'junk' food but they do have some things that I get and their cleaning stuff can be good value.

      I was happy with the Matalan haul - all stuff I will use. xx