Sunday 10 April 2022


Good morning, all.  The sun is shining brightly as if it intends to hang around all day (like yesterday) and, while it is none too warm at the moment, it should warm up nicely.

The walk in the park yesterday was really lovely.  We med, as usual, in the car park, walked through Tower Gardens and Admirals Park to Centre Park and the coffee shop, had out coffees, etc, and then walked back round the lake.  I'm not sure how far the walk was but Mick said his step thingy said around 7,000 steps so it would be more for my little legs!  Hardly rigorous exercise at the pace we went but the walk, the company and the fresh and sunny air were all lovely!

I took a few photos on the phone.

You'd hardly know you were in the centre of town if it were not for the buildings and when the leaves are fully out, even they will not be visible.  Just the traffic noise . . .
The swan came over to investigate and swam quickly back to the island where, as we saw the other side, his mate was sitting, maybe on eggs - is it too early for that?  Anyway, he was definitely behaving very protectively.
We go fortnightly for these walks so we will see, I am sure.

The ducks had also pretty much paired off and the males were quite aggressive to each other while the females sat complacently and waited!  These two looked pretty cosy.  
At other times, we throw down bird food (which you can buy in the café) and they all call to each other 'food over here' or quacks to that effect.  Yesterday there was no such sharing!

Just a view.

And another view.

The gardens were lovely with so many things not coming up.  It's already a picture and it's going to remain so for some months.  Parts are very naturally managed . . . 

. . .  while other parts are very 'laid out'.

Such a pleasant morning for the price of a coffee!

Today, Beth and Alex are over for lunch so I will be busy in the kitchen getting organised.  I find a roast dinner is not more difficult than any other meal as long as one is organised.  If the veg is all prepped, the meat ready to pop in the oven and the gravy stock in the pan, there's not a lot else to do.  
We're having the pavlova that was supposed to be for Mothering Sunday but Beth was poorly.  I popped the base in the freezer (where it got in the way and was a nuisance!) so that's now our awaiting its headdress of cream and fruit.  Yummy!

Apart from that, I will be doing a bit more planning for my Bury break.  Great fun!

Do you have sunshine too?  I hope so - it is so cheering.  xx


  1. Here we have been advised not to feed the birds ... this is to stop the spread of avian flu from wild birds to chickens. Millions of chickens have been killed so far this year. Took down our bird feeders

    1. This is food that the café sells. 'Approved' so to speak. xx

  2. Your photos show a beautiful garden/park to walk in and the chance of the company of fellow SW friends sounds like a very pleasant way to pass the time. I hope you have a lovely meal with Beth and Alex today and can enjoy that pavlova. xx

    1. We're lucky to have it, I think and it's well used. xx

  3. That park looks like a nice place for a walk. The flower display is really pretty.

    1. It's lovely - formal gardens, a walk along the river side and a lake and coffee at the end - well, not the end but as far as we go. xx