Tuesday 8 December 2020


 Good morning, everyone.   It's another misty, murky morning, much like yesterday really.   It's winter, we should expect it really but it doesn't help to lift the spirits.

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day.  I pootled off to Home Bargains for a few specific items and came back with a bit more but nothing too much.  I popped into HomeSense as it's almost next door and came home with a few gifts and very cold hands!

After that I pottered in the kitchen, making gingerbread biscuits and the filling for some more vegetarian sausage rolls.  I'll get the pastry out of the freezer later and make the final product.  The filling is a bit different - wholemeal bread and more spicy so I must label them carefully.  They WILL all go into the freezer to keep the biscuits company!  Can you hear the voice of determination here?  :-)

Today, I have a sight test at nine.  I normally go into the Specsavers in town but there's a branch in our out of town Sainsbury's so I've made the appointment for that one and will do some shopping afterwards.  I don't have a long list but there are things I like to get from Sainsbury's and I may as well look around while I'm there.

The rest of the day I will stay inside, potter, do some more baking (biscotti today, I think), wrap a few pressies and have a Zoom chat with Dad in the afternoon.  I might go out for a walk as well - we will see.

Day eight's musical advent offering is an arrangement I've not come across before of a beautiful old carol, 'The Angel Gabriel'.


  1. I remember singing that song in the choir a few years ago now. It is beautiful!! Just hope next year the choir will start up again! Brilliant sunshine here and an artic wind. As it is a fiesta day today (The Immaculate Conception) everything is closed and the streets are pretty quiet. We did go to the beach for a walk but the wind has turned the sand into mini sand whirls not so nice :-) How do you get on with Zoom? I know it has become popular but I have heard it can be expensive! I stick to Skype for my classes and Messenger or Face-time for the family & friends. keep well Amanda x

  2. I think it's really sad that choirs had to close although perfectly understandable.
    The Zoom I use is free but I find it is absolutely fine as long as the connection is good.

  3. Loved the musical selection.

    God bless.