Sunday, 11 March 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's Sunday and I'm tired.  To be fair, Dr C warned me that I probably would and it's not the sort of tiredness that is a result of lack of sleep.  It's OK, just a bit wearing.

I popped into Tesco's yesterday and bought a couple of chicken because they were half price.  Two was all customers were allowed which is just as well as two was more than enough!  Such a useful thing to have available, I think?

I also indulged in a Weight Watchers magazine but I think that's the last one because it really wasn't much use at all.  No recipes I thought I might use and I don't do the slimming club thing anyway!  Rather a waste of money really.  I found more in the Tesco's freebie mag, to be honest.

Today is another easy day.  A bit of planning, a bit of housework including some washing and ironing - just everyday stuff.  and, probably, a few snoozes!



  1. Glad you were able to get the chickens. No chance for me, seeing as we don't have a nearby Mr T, as I said.

  2. I popped to Mr Ms yesterday but no such goodies did I spy but to be fair I didn't go looking too closely either!

  3. I looked for them because I know they had them reduced - word gets round - but I did need to go shopping anyway. I'm glad I managed to get some too, Sooze. there weren't an awful lot left! :-)
    J x