Saturday, 31 March 2018


Good morning, all.  I'm sat here in my warm, comfortable bed with the laptop on my knee and it's all so cosy and comfortable.  One of life's simple pleasures.  It's wet outside, sadly, and, as Sooze mentioned in yesterday's comments, the longer range forecast for next week isn't great either.  Rain, heavy rain, torrential rain and showers.  Not great for pegging out the washing or for working in the garden.  At least with the latter I can dodge the showers and do just a bit at a time.  I so enjoyed the work on Thursday I'm raring to go again!

I did go to Sainsbury's yesterday and I did come back with clothes!  I'm not usually so extravagant but I wanted to take advantage of their 25% off.  They didn't have the same kind as I bought earlier in the length I need (one size smaller than I am now) but they had some others, straight leg - you will never, ever get me in skinny jeans, the thought makes be go all faint with horror! - and a bit cheaper.  Very cheap, in fact, with the 25% off.  So, bad me, I got two pairs plus a couple of T shirts in the next size down.

When I got home, I tried them on and, you'll never believe this, I didn't, but they fit!  They all properly fit.  Not too tight, no problems doing up the button, they fit me.  Wow!

I know it's not a big deal really but this is a biggie for me.  Without going into any details, I had a 'thing' about wearing trousers/jeans when I was so big.  I haven't worn them for a very, very long time.  I know it sounds stupid, I can see that as I write it all out, but I just couldn't.  Imagine doing allotment gardening in a skirt!  So I am trying to change a mindset, overcome a sort of fear.  Wish me courage.

Enough of the personal stuff.

Today is a quiet day, a day for catching up with little things, reading, sewing, etc.  It's been a bit of a rough week for the gallbladder and I'm weary so another day doing nothing too strenuous will be just the ticket.  It's now the Easter holiday for my pupils so I have very little planning to do and plenty of time to get ahead for the next term's work.  I may be nearly three years (almost) out of teaching full time but I still feel the excitement at the start of a holiday.

I still haven't heard about the gallbladder op.  I'm not really surprised - after all the difficulties the NHS has had with flu, snow, etc, they must be so far behind and, although it is important for me, in the wider scheme of things it's not that urgent.  I guess if I still haven't heard by the end of April, I will see if I can find anything out.

Well, time to get on with stuff.  Have a pleasant day, whatever you plan to do.


  1. Wow, absolutely is it a big deal, well, a biggie no more though, so very many congratulations to the newly hatched trousered slimline you!!

    Enjoy and a Happy Easter (it'll be denim next!) xx

  2. Bless you, thanks very much. A very happy Easter to you too.
    J x