Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Good morning, everybody.  I'm up extremely early this morning and getting stuff done - blogs, adminning on Facebook, updating finances and baking bread.  Making hay while - er - while the moon shines (except that you can't see it right now)!

Yesterday was a gorgeously sunny day after the dull dampness of the weekend so I made the most of it.  As soon as I got home from Mum and Dad's, I dumped a load in the washing machine and within the hour it was drying nicely on the line.  I meant to do the ironing last night but got stuck into my cross stitch instead so I will do it while I get my daily dose of River Cottage at ten or eleven this morning.

The rest of the day was taken up with helping in FS, a meeting in school and a bit of tuition.  I popped into Morrisons and they still had the Mullerlight yogurts at ten for £3 which is great value, so I stocked up again.  I eat a lot of yogurt right now.

It's been raining overnight which is extremely annoying as I had planned at least half a day of gardening and I'm a fair weather gardener.  Perhaps it will clear up later and at least the ground won't be hard, will it?

I have a huge list of Things To Do today.  I won't get it all done, of course, but I will get some done and the rest can wait until tomorrow.  It's much more likely to be done if it's on my list anyway!
It says:
Garden:   strawbs, hoover, toms, weeds (and I know what they all mean)
Upstairs:  clear book space, tidy books, tidy desk, back of wardrobe

Hopefully, it will be a really productive and satisfying day today, whatever the weather.  Hope yours is too.


  1. Hello! I'm off school so I'm catching up with blogland x I pegged out for the first time in 2018 yesterday AND ironed too! Damp and grey here so sewing for me!

  2. Is it your Easter break now?
    Pegging out is great - well done you!
    Raining here so the garden isn't happening.
    J x

  3. Your industry makes me ashamed ... I didn't wake up until gone 9 o'clock and then didn't get up until gone 10 o'clock (which isn't the same as being showered and dressed ... that came much later still!) This hour forward business, just as the your backward in Oct, really plays havoc with me for several days.
    Margaret P

  4. :-) If you read the next post, it didn't pan out at all, unfortunately. Good intentions and all that!
    J x