Thursday, 15 March 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Sadly, it is chucking down with rain this morning, unlike the lovely bright morning yesterday when she sun shone and all was fair and lovely.  It feels chilly too!

Yesterday really was gorgeous.  Inspired by the sun, I got two loads of washing done, out on the line and dried and then, in the evening, ironed and put away.  I now know I have four swimming costumes I can use - goodness knows why four but there you are, four!

I bravely (yes, it was, it was very brave, as I am dreadful at getting rid of old things!) set to and tackled my clothes yesterday.  Out came all the tops, bottoms, jumpers, cardigans, etc, for a ruthless sort out.  By the end I was sneezing madly but now I have more hanging room, a suitcase full of stuff for the charity shop and a bin bag full of stuff for the Sally Army recycling bin.
I've always kept stuff before - a sort of 'in case' insurance, but this time there is no 'in case' scenario.  The weight that has gone won't be coming back.  In fact, more will be joining it and by the end of the summer most of what I kept will also need to be replaced.

I have another almost free day today so I shall make hay while the sun - er - doesn't shine and tackle some more dark corners in my bedroom furniture sandwiched round my daily River Cottage viewing!

I need my first coffee now so I will sign off and get the day started.  Have a good one.


  1. Shame about the sunshine, but it will be back, I am sure.
    Great that you have been able to sort so much stuff out - good for you! It is very difficult to do, but I bet it feels good that you have.
    Well done on the (permanent) weight loss - brilliant!
    Have a good day. Love, S. xxx

  2. We ad downpours yesterday, starting as we walked back from our dentist's surgery (where I had visited the hygienist) back to our car, and it never ceased all day and much of last night. Hopefully, the rain will help replenish what was lost through all the burst pipes during the recent freeze!
    It's good to have a sort out of clothes. I have regularly done this and don't really have many clothes and for years have bought many in navy, jeans, cords, T-shirts (usually long sleeved as I don't like short-sleeved ones, although long-sleeved are usually more difficult to find) and jolly them up with pretty scarves or a necklace. But our large wardrobe (wall to wall, fitted) needs a good clean and tidy and I'm beginning to psych myself up to do this!
    I see you are up early - I am for once, and having my first cup of coffee of the day.
    Margaret P (7.29am)

  3. Thanks, S. We've been through this together for many a long year, haven't we?

    Margaret - maybe we've now got what you had yesterday. It's still full on and looks set to continue for a while to come.
    I'm just beginning to think about jeans a couple of sizes further down the months. I don't wear jeans or trousers now but one of my aims is jeans!
    Good luck with the clear out. It's worth it when it is done!
    J x

  4. Every cloud they say.......
    You seem to be doing wonderfully, both with your weight loss and clearing out.
    I sense a new purpose and determination.
    Are you sleeping better too?
    I need to do the same wardrobe cleanse!
    Like you I keep clothes just in case. I hate formal clothes so have several out of
    date ones but whenever a wedding invitation arrives I never have the appropriate outfit
    so I spend ages dithering and end up buying something else.......which then goes into
    the cupboard and so the same cycle starts all over again.
    Maybe you have spurred me on to a clear out.

  5. Joy, I wear straight leg cotton Per Una jeans from M&S, they aren't as tight as denim ones, and hopefully don't make my derriere look enormous! I have them in indigo and in black, with T-shirts, scoop neck, long sleeve, to match.
    Margaret P

  6. Beachcomber:
    Thank you very much for your kind comments. Yes, I am more determined this time. I think the health scare was a wake-up call really. I know it wasn't cardiac but it could have been and it's in the family so . . . time to do something! I am sleeping extremely well right now. Dr C warned me that I would feel tired on this diet but that's not causing any difficulties now I'm retired.
    Formal clothes is something I do have to consider but, as they tend to be expensive, not until I get down to target weight! I'll stick with Sainsbury's and Matalan cheapies for now which, actually, are pretty good for their price.

    That's a very useful tip, thank you. When I am ready, I'll definitely take a look. I think I'd prefer lighter weight ones anyway.

    J x