Saturday, 3 March 2018


Good morning, all.  Welcome to the weekend!
We had another shedload of snow yesterday but it has sort of 'retreated#' from round the house which indicates that things are a little bit warmer that the last three mornings so perhaps it's all nearly over now.  Certainly, according to the weather forecast, things should be warming up considerably by the middle of next week so that's cheering.

I gave that pesky pipe the hot water treatment at regular intervals during the day and the boiler stayed on all day and through the evening.  Great.  It was flashing red this morning, which I kind of expected, but ignited when I pushed the button, which was a surprise.  Another indication that perhaps it's a bit warmer.  I should stay warm today too and the extra expense I have had will be balanced by not using any gas as well as the winter fuel payments and the cold weather payment which, I noticed, has been triggered, according to the Gov web site.

I had a nice surprise yesterday.
I didn't mention it before, but when I was staying at the Premier Inn at Cambridge there was a bit of a problem.  I took my own towel with me because I love my big White Company bath sheet.  After using it, I draped it well away from the bathroom so it wouldn't be taken (as per the notice) but when I looked for it later, it had gone!

I reported it, of course, and the young man on reception was very helpful, made enquiries, asked around, checked the laundry dept. but the laundry had already been sent off.  He said he'd take it on for me and, after filling in an online form last week, yesterday I got an email from Premier Inn to say they are refunding me a night's money to cover the cost of replacement plus a bit for compensation.  I'm very pleased.  I'll replace the towel and maybe put the rest towards another towel, just as a treat.  We have a White Company shop in town so I can pop in next week, once the refund is safely in my bank account or I might just order online.

You hear a lot of grumbles about Premier Inn but, I have to say, I can't fault the way they have dealt with this.  Quick, courteous and a positive outcome for me.

With all this sitting inside, I have been getting on with some knitting.  Part of it has been more clothes for knitted doll.  I found some fluffy yarn in the cupboard and now she has a keep warm sleeveless jacket thing (I forget what they are called) to add to her wardrobe, plus a crocheted poncho.

Today Beth might be coming over for a day's sewing.  It really depends on how bad her road still is (untreated, narrow, parking on both sides and on a hill!) and also how worn out she is after a week of driving to work in less than ideal conditions.  She, like me, worries about skidding and sliding on the road.

Assuming she comes, she will be getting on with the wonderful quilt she is making for her bed.  She's done all the tacking so, I think, is ready to start quilting.  It's not going to be heavily quilted, just round the 'ditches' of the rectangles.

If she doesn't, I may do some sewing on my own behalf and get on with that duvet cover.

Have a super day, whatever you plan to do, and, as always, stay warm and safe in this extreme (extreme for us) weather.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day, in the warm, too - so glad you have been able to get the boiler going.
    Amazing how much snow you have had - the children must have been over the moon. So much fun playing out in it!
    We have stayed in Premier Inn in the past and have never had any problems actually - the staff have always been very helpful and friendly and the rooms clean and really quite nice. There are bound to be differences between the hotels, but I am so glad they were so helpful with your towel and things.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Love, S. xxx

  2. Love that warm gilet and the rest of her outfit!

    Great customer service from Premier Inn, I never had a bad stay with them and the rooms are comfortable and have all the necessary. Maybe a name tag or a bit of embroidery/applique would help to identify any future travelling towel as yours.

    Happy sewing!

  3. Yes We like the Premier Inn too . I,m not too happy about not being able to open the windows for some fresh air , but on the whole it is good .
    Now , with all this snow , alot of people in the village are also talking about their frozen boiler pipes ....Our so far seems to be o.k ..but I,m going to go outside and have a look at it and see if we can wrap it with bubblewrap or insulation foil or something ,,just as we do the outside garden water tap . I,ve never heard of this happening before now, because we just dont usually get snow like this here . I hope you get yours sorted quickly , you shouldn't have to keep going outside in the cold . Love knitted dolly ,she looks cosy and warm anyway ! :) x

  4. Gilet! That's the word. Thanks, Annabeth!

    I agree with all of you and I will certainly go back there when I repeat the holiday once the health issues have been sorted out. It may have been a thing but they have dealt with it to my complete satisfaction and the slate is clear.

    It's definitely on the thaw now, the snow is slowly disappearing and slushing so I doubt I'll have any more problems for now and I intend talking to Matt about What To Do as soon as I can. Bubble wrap might be a good idea in the short term.

  5. That is really great customer service from Premier Inn, this is how companies should behave and then they'd get return trade and no bad-mouthing. We also like The White Company and have their bed linen (apart from two pairs of pillow cases from Sophie Conran.) I have only stayed once in a Premier Inn and found it perfectly suitable for an overnight stay. I'd not want to stay longer, I found all the purple, their colour for almost everything, rather oppressive, but other than that, our stay was fine and a very good breakfast.
    Now that the snow has melted, have you tried re-setting your boiler again? Our pipe froze, as I mentioned, and once the ice melted the boiler would re-start, once it had been re-set.
    Margaret P

  6. I love Premier Inns and top marks to them. Love the doll and her clothes - I could do with a fluffy gilet myself!!