Sunday, 4 March 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Well, the beast seems to have returned from whence it came and things are back to normal again.  The snow almost visibly disappeared as the day went on, the roads, which were still quite treacherous in the morning, were as clear as clear by early evening and there was almost a mildness in the air - although that last might just have been a comparative thing.  And my boiler was on this morning!
The forecast is for rain today (not snow, thank goodness) which should wash away any residual slush.

It's a relief but I am minded that there are plenty of areas in this 'green and pleasant land' that are still far from green, pleasant or mild.  Drifted snow takes much longer to clear and, my word, haven't there been some drifts!

In the morning, I tossed out some seeds for the birds and saw one I've never seen before.  On asking via Facebook, it turned out to be a pied wagtail.  I just managed to snatch a photo although it's a bit blurred and the colours are not great - it was more blue and it was very attractive.

Matt the Plumber got in touch and will be coming to deal with the condensate pipe in a few weeks.  No hurry now, of course (I sincerely hope).  He seems to know exactly what needs doing and he's the expert.

Beth did come over and got on with her quilt.  She achieved quite a lot over the day and is almost ready to bind the edges, after which we will sit opposite each other and hand stitch around the binding on the back, her starting at one corner and me starting from the opposite corner.  Fortunately, we both stitch in the same direction!

Today is another quiet day and, as the sewing machine has been warmed up, maybe I will, at last, get on with my duvet cover.

It should be a pleasantly quiet day which is great because I'm feeling very tired for some reason.  A day of rest is just the ticket.
I hope your day is as pleasant.