Saturday, 10 March 2018


Good morning!  It's a very wet morning but thank heavens it's not snow!  I think we're done with that now for this season and the temperature is predicted to hit double figures which should suit the garden.  It'll be nice to go out without being bundled up in coat, scarf and gloves.

After the nice weight loss yesterday (-4 lbs this last week), I decided to devote an hour to going through my old clothes, the ones that used to fit, and I have another pile that I can now wear again.   The problem is not of fit, it's of style and I looked at a few and thought 'why on earth did I keep you?'

I suspect I will be making laden tracks to the charity shop again soon.

It must be the sap rising in spring - I also looked at my bedroom cupboards at things I have not taken out since the last time I tidied them and thought that their time surely must be up now.  I'm really bad at getting rid of stuff but the clutter is getting me down a lot again now.

So I guess it is one room at a time and just keep going until it's all done.

But I can't start this weekend which is a bit frustrating.  Never mind,  I can plan, work things out and decide on an order.
Here's to a less cluttered home.


  1. It must be very satisfying being able to go back to clothes that were too small.
    Enjoy your decluttering when you get the chance.
    I often delve to the back of the cupboards and find things that,like you, I look at
    and wonder why I kept them.
    One example is toys. We kept quite a few toys from our boys' childhood for
    grand children but in many cases they were not interested.
    Today's toys and books appeal to them more with a few exceptions.
    I suppose each generation must move forward sad though it seems to us.

  2. There is nothing like the satisfaction of seeing a lovely clean and tidy wardrobe. I shall be dealing with ours before too long.
    Margaret P

  3. There must be something in the air because I'm on wardrobe sort mission mode today! Well done on being 4 lbs less xx

  4. It is, you're right, it's extremely satisfying, Sue. The only toys I kept were the wooden climbing frame (one you can get out and put away and an absolutely brilliant thing) and the brio. Grandson, Alex, loved them as a little lad but there are no great grandchildren so they are now not used but I won't get rid of them. They're in a sort of 'memory box'.

    Good luck with the clear out, Margaret and Rachel. Hope it's all going or will go, extremely well.

    J x

  5. I have kept a set of Brio and our grandchildren still get them out occasionally,
    in fact I lend them to friends recently
    Who had visiting grandchildren and mine promptly missed it!
    A few toys are always useful if friends come for coffee with children.
    They find a box of toys far more interesting than any they come with so everyone
    enjoys their visit and parents can relax for a while.

  6. All of that is very true, Sue.
    J x