Tuesday, 24 January 2017


A bit late today, sorry.  I've been quite busy organising kitchen stuff for the day and so on.

I'm back home now.  The journey wasn't too bad and I didn't encounter fog until just outside Chelmsford.  Most of the way it was freezing with just a slight mist and, oh, the views were heartbreakingly beautiful.  I wanted my camera so much.

Once home, I got sorted quickly and popped into school for KK.  It was fun.  The girls have come a long way since the first session (I was told) and some of them have taken to it like a house on fire.

Then it was home again to get on with the quilt which I have finished now.  I've also made a bag to present it in and which can be as a shopping bag or whatever later on.  I'm pleased with it and I do so hope my friend likes it.
I'll post a picture or two tomorrow, once I have given it.

In the evening I was contacted by someone I know to ask about tuition.  It seems that someone has been singing my praises, which is nice.  I'm going to have coffee with her on Thursday so we will see.

Today is school pm and then the baby shower.  Free cake!  :-)  Possibly free wine too so I will walk.  I ought to walk anyway - it is a fine day with sunshine and mist!

I've started a food challenge, linked with a group on Facebook, Feed Yourself on a Pound a Day.  It's £30 for 30 days of food.  Me being me, I have started a blog and if you'd like to take a peek I'd be very grateful.  Here's the link.

Well, I'd better go.  The soup for later on is smelling good and I need to get myself cleaned and dressed!

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