Tuesday 10 January 2017


. . . and a very good morning to you.  A third of the way through January already.  Time never stops flying, does it.

I want to make an apology.  I know that sometimes, when you, my readers, click on my blog, a new page opens up which is what someone described as a 'most unsavoury site'.  Google don't seem the least bit interested in sorting it out or helping in any way, sadly.
Because of my setting I get a warning (yes, it does it to me too) so I click 'cancel' and then just shut the page down.  Behind it, this blog is still running.
Once it has happened once in a day to me, it doesn't seem to happen again.

I'm really sorry about this, I know it stops people from commenting, which is a real shame but please, just close it down and you can still comment.

We really enjoyed our swimming yesterday, did Beth and I.  We took is easy because we are both out of practice and we both ached afterwards, especially around the shoulders and upper arms (I still do, in fact), but we're going again on Thursday and the aches should soon subside.

A late breakfast of beans on toast and a hot coffee was most welcome afterwards!

I finally started the cot quilt I am making and I think I'm perfectly safe to post about it because the intended recipient doesn't read my blog (doesn't know I blog).  I'm quite pleased with how it's turning out.  Each square is taking less time than I expected now that I've got into the flow and, as long as I am careful with the measurements and iron each seam carefully, it's all piecing together rather well.

After I have done the patchwork, I will have to stop as I realise I don't have any appropriate wadding and need to get some.  Amazon, here I come.  I also need fabric for the borders and the back.  However, it's good to get the first bit completed and I do have about a month to get it finished, so that is fine.
This is the half I did yesterday - it's going to be a 3x4.

Today is somewhat busier.
I have some bread on the make so I can take one loaf in for the friend who I make for.  I am a bit out of rhythm as I haven't needed to make bread since before Christmas and had to write it on a list to remember!
Once that is done, I have to take some more books to the charity shop and also stop off at the upholsterers.

Then it's 'home, James' for some sewing, then lunch and then off to school for reading with Foundation Stage this afternoon.

And, at some point, I need to do some tuition planning too - I should have done that at the weekend.  I'm definitely still not quite back in routine!

Today's food:
B:  porridge with dried fruit and yogurt, apple
L:  soup and an orange
D:  chilli con carne, rice, natural yogurt.

Have a lovely day, whatever you are doing.


  1. Wow, that's very cleverly put together and is going to be gorgeous!!

    Yes, the unwelcome page when we try to open Comments or even the pictures is a bit of a pain but dealt with very quickly.

    Strangely enough for me it only happens on your blog, all the other Blogger blogs are ok, maybe they managed to stop it before it got to the others.

    On the other hand, could a little virus have managed to attach itself to your blog? Might your computer expert be able to run or re-run a special clean-up programme through your system?

  2. I can feel your muscle pain, went to Pilates yesterday for the first time after three weeks, and boy, do I feel it now .....

  3. I don't think my blog is saved on my PC and anyway the whatever it is has survived me getting a new PC. Next time I need Eddie's help, I will try to remember to ask him. Good idea, thanks.

    I was feeling achy and shivery yesterday (Wed) so now I'm wondering if it was the swimming or a bit of a bug. :-)

    J x