Sunday, 8 January 2017


Good morning, gentle readers.  It's another dull, no frost morning and there's not even much of a nip in the air either.  You know how you can smell the cold?  Well - I can't today!

I got my shopping done yesterday.  Morrisons was quite full but it was an easy paced fullness, not the stressed and panicked crowding of a fortnight ago.  I didn't need much anyway.

Once home, I did some ironing, some tidying, some cooking and then did the final design for the quilt.  I've got what I need for the actual squares (it's going to be based on log cabin) but will need more fabric for the borders and the back.  Oh dear, another trip to And Sew On, what a shame.  It's just as well February and March are slightly more affluent months as I pay the rates and water over ten months!  Also, as I get my state pension every four weeks, there's one month in the year when I get two lots, one right at the beginning and one right at the end.  That's March - woo hoo!  Mind you, with a holiday to pay for, most of that extra, if not all, will go straight into savings!

I impulse bought a knitting magazine last week - and I really should have looked at the price before buying but I didn't so more fool me - which had some 'free' (ha ha) yarn and some patterns inside for ways of using that free yarn.  I have to admit, the patterns aren't bad at all and I've just finished knitting 'Sherbet Bear'.  Now I have to put him all together, which is the bit I like the least, but it looks like a useful pattern.

Today, Al and Beth are over and the last of the decorations, the Christmas tree, comes down.  I'm sad about that as it has looked lovely this year but there you go!  On the plus side, I will have more space again and also, not connected, I get to make a roast dinner.  Alex loves roast dinners!

So it should be a very pleasant day today - good food and good company!

So - today's food is . . .
B: scrambled eggs, yogurt and fruit
D:  slow roast beef, roasties, carrots and sprouts.  I might do Yorkshires, I might not.  Then fruit
T:  beans on toast, fruit

Have a great day, whatever you plan to do.


  1. I'm up too, watching the create and craft channel! I'm not buying mind! I needed a few bits yesterday so nipped to Sainsbury's- it was just as you described- I've never seen it so busy! Roast chicken here today - I'm going to peel some spuds in a bit

  2. I think maybe people have finally run out of Christmas leftovers!

    Is the create and craft channel good?

    J x