Saturday 28 January 2017


Good morning.  It's a bit warmer, thank goodness, as I've had another wakeful night.  Thank goodness my life's my own nowadays so it doesn't matter if I go back to bed later and sleep beyond waking time (not that I ever do sleep that late).

Oh, how I am enjoying my 'new' books.  Miss Read has such a turn of phrase, makes such pithy comments, that I am inwardly chuckling most of the time.

Yesterday I collapsed in my chair after bustling around clearing and tidying when I realised I had left Village School upstairs so, lazy thing that I am, I just started the next one - Village Diary - instead.  I found this, which I love.
"  There are some foolish and narrow-minded theorists who would condemn the use of the sweet tin in schools, dismissing this valuable and pleasant adjunct to discipline with such harsh words as 'bribery' and 'pandering to animal greed.'  I stoutly defend the sweet tin. If the good Lord has seen fit to provide sweets and children's tastes to match them, then let us take advantage of the tools that lie to hand."

Yesterday was another pleasant day.  The cleaners came, did their usual magic and left.  I had a good snooze after lunch.  Tuition.  Cut out some more charms.

Today I have some mince to cook, some bags to make, some knitting to do and I might go out somewhere for some fresh air if it's not too cold.

Today's food plans
B:  porridge with plum jam and yogurt
L:  broccoli soup, bread, crispy cake
D:  spicy pork pizza with coleslaw

Have a good day.  I'm back off to bed soon!


  1. I will think of you tucked up in a warm bed when I am standing in the rain waiting for a dead bird!!!!

  2. < grin > Please do, I had a lovely sleep and feel a lot brighter now. I'm thinking of you enjoying the fresh air with your lovely dog!
    J x