Thursday 26 January 2017


Good morning, everyone.  There's no frost today but there's an icy 'smell' out there, if you know what I mean.  I think it is supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow.

Yesterday was pleasant but it felt busy, even though it wasn't really.

Swimming was great.  For once the water wasn't chilly and I could get in without shuddering.  Beth and I did our lengths and then went back to mine for coffee and some warming porridge before sorting out some 'stuff''.

After Beth had gone, I sorted out some stuff, made a batch of savoury mince and generally faffed around until my student turned up.  I didn't make the bread that I had intended to make so that's on today's list.
In the evening I watched Further Back in Time and it was most enjoyable.

Today I have a meeting with a friend who might want tuition for her child.  After that my time's my own until the afternoon so I think I will get the baking done then.

It's tuition again this evening and then I think I shall finish off a bag I am making.  It needs the lining and handled doing.

Today's food plans are:
B: porridge with pineapple and yogurt
L:  leek and potato soup, bread, crispy cake
D:  macaroni cheese with broccoli and peas, fruit

Have a good day, one and all!


  1. I love that back in time for dinner programme and have taped the new one. But I must confess to finding the mum of the family MASSIVELY IRRITATING. Love the dad and the kids but she wound me up something chronic in the last series. I found it how hard to believe that she really was that clueless in the kitchen! It's a cold one here. The HG has had to de ice the van. Brrrrrr. Hopefully though it will kill off all the bugs in school from over heated stuffy classrooms. I'm full of a rotten cold and really want to just stay in bed!

  2. Oh, I quite like her - she's a character.
    These colds are nasty. I wish you could stay in bed too. I've had far fewer illnesses since I retired, bit colds and also tummy upsets.
    J x