Sunday 1 January 2017

Sunday: New Year's Day

Good morning, gentle readers, and welcome to a New Year.

As the saying goes . . .
Pinch and punch
For the first of the month
A clip round the ear
For the first of the year!

So that's tradition satisfied!

Yesterday was good, even if the weather wasn't.  I was right about Hobbycraft, it was more or less empty when I arrived and the only cars were those of people who work there.  They had plenty on sale but nothing that really caught my eye but it is always fun looking around the store anyway.  I went upstairs to the yarn and they had three for the price of two which was great.  I found the colours I wanted - some realistic skin tones plus some red.  They also had the ombre fat quarters back in so I got a couple of packs of the pink ones to make something for a friend who is having a baby this year.

And, joy and delight, I handed over an old gift card, explaining that I didn't know if I could use it or how much there was on it and got a tenner off the bill.  Really can't complain about that!

After a Morrison's stop off to get a few bits and bobs for the evening, I sorted stuff out at home, prepped all I could and then sat down with my knitting and some DVDs.  I've nearly finished the doll, apart from the face and hair, so I can start on the clothes.

When Alex arrived, later on, we had his Christmas dinner and I have to say it was very good.  I'm pleased that there's enough left over to reheat and have with a couple of rashers of bacon on the side.

I shall spend the rest of the day planning that gift I am making, knitting, ironing and all the usual daily stuff that goes with daily living.  I've no idea if there's anything decent on the telly but, if there is, I will watch it.

Today's food
B:  I'm still recovering from last night so fruit for me and toast for Alex.
L:  soup
D: reheated veg with some bacon - and all yesterday's roasties have gone so it's just veg, which is great
I also have some leftover cheesecake but Al will take some of that home with him, I expect.  I wonder if it freezes.  I'll pop a little slice in the ice box and see.


  1. Happy knitting I am going to play in the kitchen today. I can't tell you how thrilling it is to have visitors for the fist time in ages. All be it a flying visit it has given me something to think about other than the mundane house work and daily chores.

  2. That is lovely and you will have a fantastic time, I am sure. Flying visits can be a lot of fun without too much need to organise.
    J x