Monday 9 January 2017


. . . and into the second week of January.  Time is flying already!

Looking around the living room, you'd never think that Christmas happened now - apart from a few bits and bobs that got overlooked yesterday.  Beth and Alex were a great help and Al did all the lifting to the garage which was much appreciated.  It's sad, it's less colourful but, undeniably, it all looks less cluttered.  I wonder how long before I manage to fill the spaces.  A week?  Less?

The roast worked out well and there's just enough beef for another meal for me, which is good.  Just before Christmas I bought a lump of 'roasting beef' which was on special and cut it into four pieces, each costing under £2.00 (I was wearing my frugal hat at the time, you understand).  I slow roasted one of the pieces today and it was nice.  Not your pink and trendy beef but it had a good flavour and wasn't chewy.  I dislike meat that is too chewy.  And Alex does like a roast dinner.

Beth's vegetarian crumble made enough for two so I also have that to finish off.  I've got soup for lunch so will probably have the beef today and the crumble tomorrow with just some fresh veg.

Yesterday evening we had a power failure.  Rarely do we get anything like that so it was something of a shock but by the time I had felt my way to the candles it was back on again.  I have a battery light (not a torch) and I knew where it was, amazingly, but it didn't work.  I changed the batteries but it still didn't work (it's quite old now) so I've fired off an order to Amazon for another one.
I had to look up the oven instructions to remember how to reset it.  I have a bit of a blind spot where that's concerned - it certainly isn't intuitive.  It wouldn't matter as I don't use the timer, but I can't stand the thing blinking at me if I don't reset it!

This morning I'm off swimming with Beth.  We've decided to take it steady as it's been a while since we swam, either of us.  Then it is home for breakfast.  Hope it's not too cold - weather, I mean, not breakfast!.

Then I have sort out something with the teachers pension people who seem to have got their knickers in a twist.  A bit of a pain, that, but, hopefully, easily sorted.

Today's food
Before swimming:  apple
After swimming: beans on toast
Lunch:  broccoli soup
Dinner: roast beef with vegetables.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


  1. Back to school for me! Enjoy your day x

  2. Aw - I sympathise. Hoping it is all going well for you and the littlies.
    J x

  3. Hope you had a lovely christmas and merry New Year. Still here reading everyday but rarely get to comment as I get directed to a very unsavoury site. Managed to get though to you today so all is good. Take care, Alison .

  4. I know - I can't do anything about it either, I'm so sorry. They don't seem interested. It's an addition, not a re-direction. My blog is still underneath it. Just say no (it should warn you but maybe that depends on your settings - it warns me and I click cancel), then shut down that page. My blog is still there.
    J x

  5. And I hope your Christmas was good too. THanks.
    J x