Monday, 2 January 2017


. . . but I had to check that it was Monday.  The first of two bank holidays, I gather.  After a nasty, wet, mild day yesterday, it has turned cold again so watch out if you're out early.  It's possibly going to be a bit treacherous under foot after the dampness yesterday.

Thank goodness I didn't need to be out very much apart from dropping Alex off home.  He could have made his own way but it really wasn't nice walking weather at all.  He stayed for most of the day, which was lovely, although he didn't emerge from the bedroom until late morning.  I remember when I was his age I could stay in bed all morning quite happily.  Not any more!

It was rather a nothing day.  I didn't do the ironing so that's on this morning's list.  I did sort out the kitchen after the 'Christmas dinner' but that was self defense really!  I watched a lot of DVDs, did some social networking and knitted.  The doll is now done apart from the face and hair and I won't be tackling that until I can see my way through how to do it.  I've started on the first garment now but might take a break from that to produce a couple of shepherds or wise men - start on them anyway!

I have absolutely nothing in the diary for today.  Zilch.  No complaints as I have another lot of bedding to deal with as well as the usual 'must do to keep the place habitable' chores.  No shopping needed, no going out, just a nice, peaceful, gentle day in my own space.

I haven't decided on meals yet but it will all be stuff I already have in.

Have a lovely day, whatever you are doing, wherever you are going and whoever you are seeing.


  1. Happy New Year Joy. It's a nothing planned day here too. Perfect. Some tidying up after my party yesterday to do and buffet leftovers for lunch and tea! Fab cakes n desserts lol

  2. Party leftovers are the best!
    Happy New Year to you too, Rachel, and may it be all you want it to be.

    J x