Saturday, 14 January 2017


I've had one of my 'can't get back to sleep' nights.  Awake at two, came down at half three.  Now I'm dropping off in my chair so after doing this I will go back up and, with any luck, will get some more shut-eye.

Yesterday I had absolutely no problems whatsoever getting into town.  The roads were clear and the traffic was light.  When I got to County Hall for the course, I discovered that only four were booked for it and two hadn't turned up so it was just the two of us!  I usually manage to hide behind someone with more knowledge/experience at these courses but no chance!

Fortunately it was very good (although not what I had expected) and the speaker was very clear and well articulated so there were no problems with hearing whatsoever.  Lots of time for discussion too, which the other attender appreciated a lot.  I now have to write a report on it for the Governors' Meeting next week.  One of my weekend tasks.

While I was there, we had quite a flurry of snow but it didn't affect the roads at all and by lunch time the sun was out and shining brightly.  So that was OK!

In the afternoon I planned for tuition and then knitted for a while before my student arrived.

Today is clear so it's crafting all day.  Excellent!  I can't get on with the quilt any more yet but I am making some patchwork shopping bags and I can get on with them.  I want to play about with some irregular log cabin patchwork and see if that works, using some of the leftover bits and bobs of fabric.  Should be fun.

I gather it is going to be cold today so take care.  As for me, I am fighting to keep my eyes open so I'm off upstairs again.  Night!


  1. I hope you are snoozing peacefully it is one of the benefits of retirement you can throw the clock out of the window. Eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are tired happy days.

  2. I have had a lovely extra sleep, thanks, Diane. I'm feeling a lot brighter now.
    J x