Thursday 19 January 2017


Morning, everyone!  It's cold and frosty again.  Yesterday's frost lasted until into the afternoon - that's how chilly it was.  I didn't even think of hanging out the washing because it would have frozen solid.  A shame, because the sunshine was glorious.

We had another rather lovely sunset yesterday too so here's a few photos.  No, the sky wasn't really on fire but it does remind me of that scene from Gone With The Wind!

Beth came round and was busy cutting out squares for her quilt which is going to look really nice.  I ended up emptying the dishwasher and doing a whole load by hand as my machine seems to be on the blink.  Very annoying indeed!  I did find time to discover a nine block pattern - I think it is called a disappearing nine block.  I want to have a go at it today.

We had to tidy up properly as I had someone round for tuition and, as the dust looked horrendous in the winter sunshine, I dusted too and now downstairs looks pretty good.  Comparatively neat and tidy - just for a change!

Unfortunately, all through the day, on and off, I felt not wonderful again.  Maybe it's just the weather.  Thankfully, I slept well last night which is a blessing after several fairly fragmented nights.

Today is a morning at home followed by Y2 reading and then two hours of tuition.  The planning is all done so I shall indulge myself by trying out that disappearing block pattern using pieces from the scrap drawer.

I forgot to mention above - the wadding/batting (I never know which to call it) arrived yesterday so I washed it in the coolest, gentlest cycle and it seems to have come to no harm whatsoever.  Cheers!  I might carry on with the quilt I'm making too - sandwiching the wadding between the front and some backing and then starting to quilt.

I need a coffee now so I'll sign off and get it.  Enjoy your day!

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