Monday 1 October 2012


A new day, a new week, a new month - but apart from that nothing changes.  It's raining!!  The way everything looks, it's been raining for some time too.  I drew aside the curtain to pop out to the freezer with a loaf and - er - didn't!  I will wait until I am dressed with shoes on my feet!  Will that mean wet playtimes, I wonder?

After my early start yesterday, when I didn't manage to get to sleep again until after dinner (midday dinner, that is), I was quite busy one way and another.  I made another loaf (well, 'made' is perhaps the wrong word, given that I use a breadmaker), a savoury vegetable crumble for lunch and a pork curry.

The vegetable crumble was delicious.  My hopes of have a wee bit left over to lunch today faded rapidly as DD amd DG got stuck in.  With it I did roasties (from a bag of some we froze earlier), roasted carrots and parsnips and some sweetcorn and there was not a scrap left!  I do have some topping left which is in the freezer - rather nice, it was, containing flour, butter, oats and finely grated not-parmesan!

DD took the two loaves with her and I popped another one on overnight, for next weekend when I have some visitors.  That's the one I want to take to the freezer when I'm suitably clad.  There's another one on now, timed to be finished just after I get home from school.  Seeing as there's now room in the freezer, I may as well get in some loaves for DD and for next weekend. 

As for the pork curry - when I was sorting out the freezer, I found some 'important' lumps of meat which will need dealing with soon.  One was a pork tenderloin so I concocted a curry for it, which turned out pretty tasty.  It's all frozen now but when I have some, if it's as good as I thought it was yesterday, I will post the recipe.  Here's a pohoto in lieu.

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