Saturday, 20 October 2012


Phew - back again.  Thank you to everyone who stuck with me and continued to come in, despite the empty room!

What happened was that I tried to upgrade my anti virus and something went wonky.  I have no idea what as I am a technoidiot, but I seemed to be left with only a partially working anti-virus - not a very comfortable thought.  I contacted my lovely ICT expert who gave me some advice, I followed it and it all seems to be working fine now.  It's doing its 'first time optimisation scan' as I type.

It's been a long week.  Two consultation evenings for a start.  Both went well, everyone seemed pleased and sees progress, and I had some very helpful and informative chats. 

We had a visitor into Y1 on Thursday - a less than two month old baby and his lovely mum.  The children were entranced, asked loads of really good questions and then made some super posters about how to care for a baby.  Now we have a super whizz photocopier that does colour, I am going to enlarge some of the posters to A3 size for a display.

Yesterday afternoon was a very important meeting which I chaired, supported by the other SENCo.  It went well, what we wanted was agreed and we were very pleased with the outcomes.  There was a bit more paperwork afterwards, but I got that done and posted off, so it's a bit weight off my mind.

Next week feels odd.  Every other school year I have ever taught has seen this weekend as the start of half term and in many parts of the country it is half term.  However, we have another week before the break - rather a shame really, because the children are very tired now, everyone is noticing that their classes are slow and weary.  But another week we have and it's going to be Book Week with a focus on poetry - yay!!  Andrea and I had a lovely time last PPA, devising a week of  activities around the rhyming story 'This is the bear'.  Foundation Stage is focusing on Nursery Rhymes and I know one of the junior year groups is doing the Charge of the Light Brigade.  We have a poet in school who will be taking each year group in turn for a session and then on Friday it is non uniform day and we will be dressing up as story or poem characters.  I think I will resort to my old favourite, the Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe.  Easy peasy!  Andrea and June are talking of getting teddy one piece pyjamas, but there's no way, absolutely NO WAY . . .

So that's my week.  One more and then it is half term.  And that's filling up rapidly - I'm going to have to be strict with myself or I won't actually get any kind of break.

And now I'd better go and start in on the kitchen which shows serious signs of neglect after such a busy week . . .

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