Wednesday, 10 October 2012


It feels wintry.  When I came downstairs I headed straight for the thermostat, which was still on its night setting, of course, and turned it up to something more reasonable.  I'm now putting on slippers and dressing gown when I get out of bed, something I never do in the summer months, but this week it is becoming a necessity.  There's not a frost as far as I can tell, but it can't be far away now.

I bought a load of not-rubbish magazines yesterday.  They now have several Christmas based ones out and I can never resist them.  Rarely do I find anything that I want to make in preference to our traditional family food, but I
they are interesting, atmospheric and imaginative and I love that.  Also, there are recipes that can be used at other times, always useful - and the photography is interesting too.  I love the arrangements they set up.  Some are very clever.

Talking of Christmas (sorry, but it *is* October and it just has to happen), I had a pleasant time over the weekend with Mum, discussing Who Brings What.  Last year Mum made two Christmas puds, one for then and one for this year, but forgot to bring it over, so we pootled off to Morrisons and bought their best!  Jolly good it was too, extremely impressive.  So this year the pud is all ready and Mum is determined to remember it. 

The braised red cabbage and apple, made and frozen last year, has lasted wonderfully well in the freezer, so that's one thing I don't have to worry about.  I know what they say about length of time in the freezer, but we had some over the weekend and it was very good indeed.  I'm not wasting if I don't have to!

Morrisons had some of their best streaky and chiplolatas on special so I get more than I needed for the Sunday roast and the Christmas pigs in blankets are now made and in the freezer.

And finally, I am just about to pop over to the Kelly site to order my turkey.  It's horrendously expensive, but their turkeys are just about the best in the world (only a very slight bias towards a local firm showing here) and while I can afford it, Christmas is the time to do so.  The big decision is how big a turkey should I order?  We will be two meat eaters down this year but everyone loves Boxing Day turkey, DG eats enough for five and folk like to take some slices away with them.  And there's always DD's cats!!!

Sorry to be so focused on the C word, but this year the school term goes on until the 21st so there's precious little time before the hordes descend and I have to be highly organised - or put Christmas back several days - and that ain't gonna happen, now is it?
So heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to Danbury I go - virtually, anyway!

A totally irrelevant photo of nice, raindroppy leaves from Hyde Hall!

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