Monday 8 October 2012


Good morning, everyone.  Wasn't it another lovely day yesterday? It was here, anyway, although not quite as lovely as Saturday as the sky clouded over and the sun decided to go and play somewhere else for a while.  It was still a gift though, given that recent weather has been a bit wet and miserable.

As mentioned earlier, we managed to break into my kitchen without doing any damage to the door or frame (phew) and discovered that the door mechanism has just jammed.  So we took off a few more 'tubular latches' (that's what the packet calls them) that were being a bit sticky and pootled off to B&Q to get some more.  Of course, when we got back, they didn't quite fit and I need to get someone to chip a little more wood from the side of the door, but never mind, no problems.  I just have three doors that won't close but each one has a separate lock that I can use if needs be (just as well in the case of the toilet door!).  I'd much rather that than a door that might suddenly jam!  I keep shuddering at the thought of the door jamming when I was on my own with something boiling merrily away on the hob!

It's been a lovely weekend and I'm sorry it's over.  Yesterday was quiet but pleasant, with DD and DG coming over for a roast dinner with most of the trimmings - I forgot the stuffing and I remembered at teatime that the onions, which I had popped into the microwave to soften before adding them to the roasting potatoes, were still in the microwave!  Never mind, I will pop them in the freezer for the next time I do a casserole or curry, it won't be wasted.

I haven't got a lot of food left over either.  Some turkey and accompanying veg which will do me well this evening and a titchy bit of lasagne and salad which is today's lunch.  Some sandwiches which are now well wrapped and in the freezer.  I had a few biscuits left over but they disappeared before bed time (not guilty!).  So, all in all, it has all gone very well on the catering front.

Just one booboo.  As I mentioned yesterday, DD has a blog about her  wartime eating (go and enjoy - it's brilliant!).  I had promised her a beany, vegetable-y mixture and I forgot.  The beany mix is still in the freezer and she had a mushroom bake thing.  I'm not sure the grapes we had with crackers and cheese were all that authentic either!  Sorry, DD, will try harder!However, she took home a pot of the red cabbage and apple, so that's good! 
She also took three loaves.  I have appointed myself as her baker this month.  I'm not sure how authentic a bread making machine is, but it's certainly home made, wholemeal and, though I say it myself, very delicious.  I've started making the loaves for next week now - one made and cooling, one in the machine set to finish when I get home from school this evening and one in my head for overnight.

And now the porridge is made so I'd better wander off and have my breakfast!

Hyde Hall on Saturday

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