Friday, 5 October 2012


Another school week is nearly over.  Just today and today is my SEN day.  I haven't seen my class very much really - Monday was performance management in the afternoon, Tuesday was coordinator time, Wednesday was PPA, yesterday I was at a meeting of SENCOs at the local special school and college (where DG used to go) and today is SEN!  Next week will calm down somewhat, I think (hope).

It has been an exceedingly busy week.  I think I've now just about caught up with all the classroom stuff, but I did get behind and I hate that feeling of chasing my tail.  However, through it all I've managed to keep my table tidy!  Amazing stuff!!

Yesterday we were making fruit salad!  Now, I didn't deliberately plan for that to happen while I was out of school: I had forgotten that it was on my schedule until Wednesday evening.  I have to admit that I was secretly pleased that someone else was doing the preparation bit though (we disassembled and planned last week) so all I had to do in the afternoon was call the children up, help them to choose what they had planned and give them their evaluation sheet to complete afterwards.  It was fast and furious getting through everyone, but we did it!  So that's our first bit of organised technology for this year signed off! 

Next half term we're making shakers and that's been refined from last time.  We didn't manage to get it done last year.  We planned to, goodness me, yes, and started collecting plastic bottles which were going to act as a 'shell'.  Loads of plastic bottles came flooding in so we put them all in a black plastic bag.  Come the evening of the Christmas Fair, we pushed the bulging black bottle bag under a table for safety.  The next morning we came in to find it - gone.  Not a peep of it anywhere.  It turns out that some very hardworking and conscientious person had gone round tidying everything up after the Fair, including all the rubbish that had been put in plastic bags - yes, black plastic bags.  You can guess the rest!  And no, neither J or I felt in the least bit inclined to dive into our huge school rubbish bins to find our bottles!  So no shakers!  This year A and I are using plastic drinking cups which have the advantage of
a) taking up little space
b) being easy to get hold of and
c) easily replaceable
Common sense prevails!!  The environment suffers!

As a result of the fruit salad, I came home with shedloads of chopped up fruit that hadn't been eaten.  All very hygienically prepared and stored so I wasn't going to throw it away.  In went a few fruity bits and bobs I had left over and I've popped it into my - oh, I've forgotten its name - the thing that sucks all the air out - anyway I have it stored in those pots, so it should keep for several days in the fridge.  How about a mixed (very mixed) fruit salad crumble on Sunday after the roast turkey?  Sounds tasty!

Better go.  I have a fair bit of stuff to do before I can get to school!  Thank goodness the weekend is a-coming!  And I've got another cold!

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