Saturday 6 October 2012


Good morning weekend!  Yay.  I'm feeling nice and relaxed in the knowledge that the planning is done, the resources are more or less made, the menu for the weekend is all sorted (I have visitors) and the house is as clean as it's likely to get in term time!

Weather permitting, today my visitors plan to go to Hyde Hall.  It's pretty wet and cold out there right now but it might clear up.  I am umming and ahing as to whether to go with them - the cold has landed with an almighty thud, I have a bit of an upset tum and just wonder whether I would be more sensible to rest, given that work goes on and I really don't want to take any days off so close to consultation evenings.  We will see . . .

Yesterday was my performance management and I was thrilled to bits with what the head said.  I'll say no more except that I came home extremely happy!  Nice . . .

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